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Tom Taylor is an established freelance illustrator better known as Tom Taylor Illustrated on Instagram. You may have seen his work featured in print for publications such as Attitude Magazine, Gay Times and Jack the Lad Magazine or online via news and entertainment websites such as BuzzFeed & Out.

Although Tom has been drawing all of his life, he started making waves when he released his first line of queer, fetish T-shirts for Prowler back in 2016. Since then, he has added six successful lines in collaboration with the store, which led to branching out to other stores across Europe. 

After working with celebrity stylists, creating merchandise for world-famous Drag Queens and forming his own original line of t-shirts, Tom's reputation within the LGBTQIA+ community allowed him to sustain a career solely on illustration. 

Tom has always been heavily influenced and fascinated with pop art icons such as Andy Warhol and Roy Litchtenstien, whilst constantly being inspired by everyday pop culture such as music, TV and film. These influences have helped mould Tom's bright, bold and unapologetic signature style. 

Tom Taylor Studios has been created to allow Tom's love of pop art and pop culture to be fully explored and therefore create pieces of original artwork that you can enjoy. 

#WARNING Not for the faint hearted.

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